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Aaron Spears

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He never sacrifices the groove even when he’s pulling-off his most outrageous fills. You’ll hear plenty of those from our co-headliner and each of them is going to be more exciting than the previous.
Meet Aaron Spears, who hails from the DC-Maryland area—fertile ground for some of the funkiest drummers ever, from Dennis Chambers to Dana Hawkins to Scott Peaker.

We first witnessed Aaron Spears at the MD Festival. Good thing there was no weird flu virus floating around the house because everybody’s mouth was hanging open. Aaron carried that level of excitement into Usher’s band. It’s an edgy, Motown-on-steroids vibe. With Usher Aaron gets away with the most audacious fills you can imagine. Aaron has toured with American Idol and The Backstreet Boys, too. No matter how complex he gets, the drums come out crisp and articulate.

“Exciting” pales when trying to describe Aaron Spears. If we told you he comes from gospel, it might explain things better. Gospel drummers take their integral roles in the church, especially the “praise & worship” portions of the sermon, with understandable zeal: they really stretch out! And, you know, they share. In Aaron’s case, between his new Hudson video Beyond the Chops and a densely-packed clinic tour schedule, he’s giving something back.

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