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Isaac Dumont

Artist Bio

It’s Isaac Dumont’s time to take the stage as a headliner. After all, he’s done cameo spots at the Montreal Drum Fest on three occasions: as a Roland electronic drum contest winner and as an up-and-coming artist saluted by acoustic drum companies.

Isaac Dumont goes far beyond rhythm into the realms of harmony and melody. Depending on the music, he’ll play an entirely electronic kit, an acoustic kit, or a carefully assembled hybrid. For example, in an otherwise acoustic kit, he’ll often tune an electronic kick to the key of the song. Although it might go unnoticed live, in his studio sessions it’s a dead-effective means of complementing a song. Isaac emphasizes it’s not a matter of using electronics to hype-up traditional drum sounds but of promoting drums as instruments. In either case, there’s no hiding from the requirement to relentlessly pursue technique—his facility on double-kick is the result of years of working on his weaker foot to match the other in intensity.

Isaac is excited to be releasing an album What Comes to Life, a collaboration with Chris Adolph. When his site is revamped, you’ll be able to see band clips and do a little learning.

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