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Joannie Labelle with ORO Percussion Trio

photo: Sharif Mirshak

Artist Bio

Something erupts—a rumble deeper than a subway train beneath the street—and you feel and you hear something more than a trio. Skip that second coffee because you won’t need it. Led by Montreal Drum Fest veteran Joannie Labelle, a musician now known internationally in acoustic & electronic genres, ORO is a festival for the eyes and ears. Nothing is static—movements or rhythms. Joined by fellow percussionists Isabelle Delaney and Anne-Marie Kirouac, Joannie calls upon West African, Brazilian and Cuban rhythmic traditions. This has been her life’s work—digging to the roots of cultures wherein drums communicate passion, call people to action, and celebrate the joy of communal existence. ORO plays it simultaneously tight and loose. While they are obviously adept at observing indigenous rhythmic patterns, they freely rollick and bounce off each other, creating an infectious, playful vibe that anyone anywhere can feel immediately. Experience Joannie and ORO early morning and you awaken instantly to worlds beyond your own.

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