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Mario Roy

photo: Roxane

Artist Bio

If you’ve seen his video, you’ll know there is something a little different in Mario Roy’s approach to drumming. Mario reveals how, by harnessing motion, you can gain the grace of a dancer, or, as Mario puts it, “a dancer sitting down!”
When studying drums, instead of hitting a wall, it is possible to arrive at a calm place wherein you no longer need to wonder if your hands and feet are doing it right. Rather, says Mario, who was guided in this by mentor Efrain Toro, you free yourself from this concentration and adopt a deeper focus on the flow of music. You feel a pulse that underscores styles. If you can submit to it, and to the motion, you can rid yourself of needless nervous second-guessing. You gain fluidity in any style. Henceforth you will hear yourself objectively, while you’re playing, and making instant decisions regarding your sound, dynamics, feel, and drum/cymbal balance.
Mario will ask consenting members of the audience to clap, beat their chests or maybe their torsos—we’re not sure exactly but we’re told it’s all legal—and join him on a journey to a place where striking 3 beats atop 2 is a breeze.

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