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Pascal Denis

Whisky Legs

photo: Jet7Media

Artist Bio

Ever wondered what it would take for a local bar band drummer to appear at one of the world’s most prestigious festivals? Take a close look and listen to Pascal Denis. The 28-year old drummer, a Quebec City native, brings a fresh exuberance and unique approach to the Drum Fest stage.

Speaking about bar bands, Pascal is bringing Whisky Legs. This is a tight act fronted by grainy-voiced vocalist Maude Brochu who can stand up to anyone out there. With Whisky Legs, Pascal extends his role beyond that of generic drummer, to say the least. Note the funky, clumsy, old parade drum—an “aux snare” from hell…but in a good way. That drum is the perfect mate for Pascal’s 1966 Rogers Holiday drumset, from which he extracts a fat, aggressive sound. His final trip to the car trunk will be to load-in his electrified acoustic guitar, which Pascal often overdrives. He’ll use it in a duo with his singer, adding punch with his Rogers kick. The sound is always blunt-edged. Daniel Lanois, are you listening?

With the addition of Pascal Denis, The Ralph Angelillo International Drum Fest continues the founder’s commitment to presenting a dark horse—an unlikely, often unknown contender who ends up neck-in-neck with the big-names.

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